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Default Struggling to Get Back Between the Lines (CALP)

I've been grossly violating the RM rules for basically over two years now. So trying to get things back in balance. Biggest problems--cheese, peanuts, fruit, and massive portions at night.

Last night, ate a decent RM, a hodgepodge of leftovers--steamed squash, lentils with carrots and onions and bits of seaweed, some millet with mushrooms left overs mixed in with lentils. Not a lot of protein, but I had a hamburger earlier. Felt full, but cravings kicked in. I struggled through using will power, and this morning when I got up I wasn't hungry at all. Ate mid-morning after going to the feria (outdoor farmer's market; I'm in South America and it's summer down here).

Currently I'm a good 10 lbs over weight, which would be a victory for many but for me, too much. Probably 4" around my gut I don't need. My cholesterol soared to over 300, from a "normal for me" 224, and need to get that down. Exercise has dropped off due to pain in my elbow, but getting back to some pushups. I take several daily walks.

The strong compulsion to eat past the hour on the RM is basically a habit I have to break. I thought it was mainly caused by smoking weed ;-), but I quit that 4 months ago and I was still eating snacks after dinner.

I'm resisting getting completely anal with weighing foods and measuring portions and such, since I've done well in the past. But heaping up huge portions and going hog wild at night has been a problem.
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