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Default Need some feedback...

Hey! I'm whitney, I'm new here. Not necessarily new to low carb... Although it's been many years.
I've read the CAD book, but it's been a while. I'm going to get it and reread.
But I was kind of hoping for some feedback, since I started back yesterday. I'm kinda running on my knowledge from the past and what I can find online... And hoping for some people more experienced than I am.

Ok here's what I ate yesterday.

Coffee (with 2 tsp of Splenda... I know to avoid the artificial sweeteners... But I'd like to avoid the extra calories in cream... Idk if I should just go ahead and creamer my coffee. And I know, 15 mins. But I continue to drink another cup of black coffee... So... What's that mean?)
2.5 eggs.

Salad comprised of romaine lettuce, spring mix, spinach, cauliflower and a little shredded cheese. With roasted turkey breast. An a very strict portion of bleu cheese dressing, no carbs.

RM: Caesar salad with no croutons, and a portion of Caesar dressing with a glass of milk. Some sushi, with brown rice. (Just a plain boring California roll) and one Reese cup.

I probably went a little crazy on the reward meal. But I've been heavy for so long, I'm ok with tweaking things.
Anyway... How'd i do? I wasn't hungry... So... It's cool.
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