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i was on the specific carbohydrate diet for almost 3 years for ulcerative colitis. although i used honey, and was overweight, i still lost 30 lbs. most of the recipes are very good. i am now on the atkins diet but i find that frequently i will use many of the recipes that i am fond of. i have substituted sweetner for honey in some of the recipes and find for the most part it works. however there are a few that have required some tweeking. honey being a fluid and sweetner being dry. i usually increase the eggs, butter or add cream.
i also used to make a kind of hamburg bun out of almonds and eggs with an italian style dressing as flavouring. it worked very well.
i miss the fruit on the atkins diet but am adjusting. i was in very good health until an already faulty gall bladder gave out and that just thru a terrible wrench in things. had to go off diet for 2 years while they had me on low fat to keep the attacks at bay until they could operate then for recovery. i gained so much weight. certainly anecdotal proof that low fat and carbs makes you gain weight.
starting to feel normal again. fortunately no recurrance of ulcerative bowel. that seems to be totally healed.

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