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Hi Linda,

Welcome to the forum and to low carbing!

Firstly, I don't use much in the way of "products" other than fresh vegies, meat, fish, eggs, cheese and cream.

If you ever get to Sydney, there are GNC stores there that carry LC stuff. I've heard people say they dislike the Atkins Bake Mix.
I use almond meal (available in all supermarkets) on the rare occasions I do any baking.

If you check the "mayonnaise" thread below, you'll get some help there. On the whole, avoid anything that is labelled "low fat" as that is generally a pretty good indication that it will be higher in carbs than the full fat version.

Have a look through the forum here, and also check the Yellow Pages to the right of your screen.

Products such as low carb bars, while they sound convenient and tasty, often stall people who use them. They contain sugar alcohols. For more info on the sugar alcohols (and lots of other things) check the "Low Carb Tips" on the orange bar at the top of your screen.

One more thing, you might find your other posts on this topic get moved. The forum moderators try to avoid duplicate posts as people may miss answers which are posted in another forum.

One more suggestion is to start up your own journal here, a great way to make friends as well as keeping track of what you are up to. To read anyone's journal, simply click on the little journal icon at the bottom of each post.

Cheers matey, nice to "meet" you. If you have any more questions, please feel free to post 'em.

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