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Sorry I haven't been back on this forum for awhile. I have been plotting along. I have stopped weighing myself because I have issues with the scale. But my clothes are fitting better, and I can wear my wedding ring again. I kind of fell off the vegetarian wagon a bit, but am thinking of dropping meat for good. I noticed I have been feeling tired lately, and have no energy. I will just have to make sure that I keep my fat intake high, and my protein moderate. I have noticed though that I have to go kind of low on the carbs to lose anything. No more then 20 carbs. I use Coconut oil, and butter, and Coconut cream and milk alot for my fat. I noticed the other day I fried some Tofu in Coconut oil and it still kicked me out of Ketosis. I was absolutely starving most of the morning. I ended up making a muffin in a cup and HWC with psyllium before my appetite went back to normal. So if I eat Tofu I am going to have to up the fat also. I do know one thing though, this is not a temporary fix,it is a permanent change in my eating habits. I can never go back to the way I ate that made me regain all my weight
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