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Plan: Atkins?
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I've tried fasting without exercising and found it harder to do. Maybe it's because exercising is distracting me from wanting to eat? After I exercise I feel less hungry too, it's strange but I'm happy!

I've had a ton of negative feedback, don't we all do when we mention fasting?

It was the infamous starvation mode talk as usual which I ignored. Anyways, I tried exercising today and my energy went to blah in half the time it usually did and so I decided to cut my burn 500 calories a day plan to just 200. I also made up a time table of sorts and realized that on paper... I'm literally only eating once a week and it seemed unhealthy so I'm considering adding in a second eating day, say... Tuesday and Thursday would be my eating day.

I was THINKING of possibly doing a mini-fat fast on my eating day(s) but the lack of protein would be dangerous wouldn't it? As I'm exercising? Also, if my calculations are right and assuming that I'm losing primarily body fat the 6lbs that I lost was 2lbs of fat and 4lbs of water and I should be losing 4lbs of fat a week if I stick to this plan. I think I'll just do it for a week and a half.

These high numbers are making me feel uneasy...
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