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Originally Posted by Merpig

Sorry to hijack the thread. I also got off on a tangent when I went to google to search on "orthomolecular medicine" as that term kept being used in the book and I'd never heard it before. It led me to a scathing Wikipedia article which essentially denounced any sort of "orthomolecular" therapy as faddish, quackery, new age, useless, dangerous - proponents as ignorant, uneducated, credulous - doctors like Hoffer as complete quacks .... sheesh

WHAT???? Wikipedia said Hoffer is a Quack??? Now I'm REALLY interested in his methods!!! hahaha! I always perk up when "conventional wisdom" labels someone a quack!

I'm at 500 mg of niacin twice a day for about 3 days now - I worked my way up to it. I only get a teeny flush now, but I like it - especially on cold days. I do think it is helping my sweet cravings and with my attitude as well - I feel more relaxed and cheerful ....but how could this be??? It's all just quackery you know!
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