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Laura, are you eating enough? Ketosis tends to make us lose our appetites, undereating will make you tired and weak - specially if you're working out. I recently started working out quite intensely and found that if i didnt get in the required calories AND carbs I'd feel very tired later in the day. 10 - 12 times your body weight a day in calories is the minimum you need to eat to fulfill basal metabolic functioning. If you're working out you need more. Are you eating well under your 20g of carbs during Induction? If so this could be part of the problem. You need those vegetables - our bodies do need some carbs. In this case less is not better - aim for 20g (eating below that wont make the loss of fat happen any faster)

And if you're just coming off being sick, give yourself time to adjust. It is also recommended that when you start this WOL you wait a good 2 weeks before exercising - your body needs to adjust to a new source of fuel.

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