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pizza... salty, tomatoey, cheesey, pepperoni goodness!!!
when i'm craving the stuff... I take a bunch of shredded cheese...
mozzarella, parmesan.. and put on parchment paper and then into the toaster oven... let it melt.. melt real gooey..
then take it out, and put all my favorite stuff on it.. sliced pepperoni, mushrooms, sliced olives.. add a ton of the mess!
put back into the toaster oven and let it melt, let the pepperoni sweat it's goodness all over the gooey cheese.
take it out before the cheese burns..

** then i take a fork, roll it into a burrito and eat it like a burrito.
that's it....... all your favorite toppings and no crust!

that's how i fix my pizza craving.
good luck to you!

i've learned that you don't need to cheat. just find alternatives. no cheating needed.
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