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Cheating is one of those things where I suspect mileage may vary from one individual to another.

For me, I paid close attention to what happened whenever I had some pizza or a bowl of fried rice every now and then. These weren't so much deliberate cheats as they were cases of me being caught short of safe low carb options on certain days when certain other shops were shut for unexpected reasons, but I still saw them as opportunities for me to learn.

And learn I did. Every time I ate something wrong, I found that my weight loss would halt for about 3 or 4 days before slowly resuming again. Just one wrong meal was enough to cost me half a week's worth of progress. It's only cheating if you can get away with it, and I clearly couldn't at all.

So the lesson for me was pretty straightforward. As far as I'm concerned personally, there are no such things as cheats, there are only mistakes.
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