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Plan: Atkins '72 It works best!
Stats: 281/257/180 Female 5'3"
BF:mini goal 250
Progress: 24%
Location: St. Pete, Florida


Half Marathon 3:59:30
(reality I walked 13.99 miles according to GPS)

Foam roller stretching
Lat pulldown 3x15 ~30#
Chest press 3x15 ~30#
Seated row 3x15 ~50#
Leg curl 3x15 ~35#
Leg extension 3x15 ~35#
Leg press 3x15 ~90#
Arc trainer - 5 minutes a 8 incline and 5 minutes at 3 incline

I took is VERY easy today after the half marathon yesterday. My left hip and right foot hurt. I worked out just to move the muscles. I'll work out again Wednesday. That's the plan.
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