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Plan: Atkins '72 and low FODMAP
Stats: 291/241/180 Female 5'7"
Progress: 45%

CaCO Ė you made it! Glad you found me. You are such an inspiration! (You should change your stats to reflect your highest weight! Take credit for what you did!

I would think drinking alcohol would have a lot to do with losing. Isnít alcohol sugar? I donít drink at all and havenít for quite some time. I used to only have some sparkling wine at our holiday dinner with family, now, I donít have any. It triggers migraines for me.

I am down again today. I have to get some treats for my team mateís birthday today. I am going to get some fresh fruit, and maybe some kind of muffins I donít like! Easier to avoid if I donít like them. Happy Monday everyone!

01-Jul-19 251.5 -
02-Jul-19 (251.5)
03-Jul-19 252.0 0.5
04-Jul-19 (251.5)
05-Jul-19 249.5 (2.0)
06-Jul-19 249.0 (2.5)
08-Jul-19 250.0 (1.5)
10-Jul-19 250.0 (1.5)
11-Jul-19 249.0 (2.5)
12-Jul-19 249.0 (2.5)
13-Jul-19 249.0 (2.5)
14-Jul-19 247.5 (4.0)
15-Jul-19 249.0 (2.5)
17-Jul-19 250.0 (1.5)
18-Jul-19 249.5 (2.0)
19-Jul-19 249.0 (2.5)
20-Jul-19 248.5 (3.0)
21-Jul-19 247.0 (4.5)
22-Jul-19 246.5 (5.0)
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