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Default Daily Accountability Discussion - July

Starting this thread to keep myself accountable. I have a lot of weight I want to lose.

Join me if you are struggling or are looking for support. If you are doing great and staying on plan, I would love to hear from you too, as it will help to see success!

I will start us off. Iíve been struggling for a couple of months. My job has been super busy for some time and I am exhausted.

I was able to resist sugary junk brought to work to celebrate a couple birthdays. It was brought in on Tues and was still there on Wed. It was on a table right next to my cube. I resisted! I am proud of myself. Iíve had six good days in a row of clean eating. I have to remain firm. This morning I saw a new low!

How are you doing?

Here are my numbers for this month.

01-Jul-19 251.5 -
02-Jul-19 (251.5)
03-Jul-19 252.0 0.5
04-Jul-19 (251.5)
05-Jul-19 249.5 (2.0)
06-Jul-19 249.0 (2.5)
08-Jul-19 250.0 (1.5)
10-Jul-19 250.0 (1.5)
11-Jul-19 249.0 (2.5)
12-Jul-19 249.0 (2.5)
13-Jul-19 249.0 (2.5)
14-Jul-19 247.5 (4.0)
15-Jul-19 249.0 (2.5)
17-Jul-19 250.0 (1.5)
18-Jul-19 249.5 (2.0)
19-Jul-19 249.0 (2.5)
20-Jul-19 248.5 (3.0)
21-Jul-19 247.0 (4.5)
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