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Originally Posted by lisabinil
I truly believe this can help some. I am now off all meds for my Fibro-seriously increasing my omega 3's, and starting a digestive enzyme and probiotic program has helped me tremendously. Upping my omega 3's and getting my Vitamin D levels straightened out has helped the Fibro inflammation tremendously. One common thread I see among Fibro sufferers and this was true for me-it the serious overmedicating physcians do for this disorder.

Great to hear that you have found relief from your fibromyalgia using supplements. I am convinced that a lot of today's ailments could be more successfully treated by eliminating the possibility of vitamin and mineral deficiencies than with conventional drugs.

And if you can get a doctor to prescribe Wobenzym (or another systemic enzyme formula), I am sure you would see yet more improvements. Wobenzym is not cheap, but it deals with pain and inflammation at all sites in the body, so I am sure it is good for fibro. In fact, I may well check out a few German forums (I can read German so it's no problem) to see what German sufferers of fibro say about it.

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