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Plus governments are telling us to eat less meat to save the planet.

And nothing could be more wrong, but it seems the more they repeat it, the more the sheep-people believe it.
  • The planet has zillions of acres of grassland that cows, sheep and other grazers can turn into food with nothing other than what mother-nature provides
  • To farm that grassland that the cows can eat free on, requires mega-tons of fertilizer, mega-tons of toxic herbicides, mega-tons of insecticides and mega-lakefulls of our most precious resource, fresh water
  • The fertilizer industry emits 100 times more methane than all the cow farts and burps combined according to Cornell University and the EPA

So tell me how eating less meat is going to save the planet?

It's a lie. Once you have the sugar tax, what's next, the beef tax?

Wake up people, and help restore liberty and fight this fraudulent propaganda designed to make us more vegetarian.

Be careful what you wish for, sugar tax today, beef tax tomorrow.

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