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K2-- I did some digging on that vitamin last summer which led to buying and reading THE DENTAL DIET by Dr Steven Lin, a dentist.

Bottle of vitamin K2 pills from Walmart
Eating quality Gouda cheese and brie cheese

Natto. Buy or make natto at home using dried beans rather than soy beans. Though a few commercial sources offer both options. have NOT found in any store, even the Asian store. Shipping is limited during the summer months.

Certain fermented, not pasturized foods are other options. like sauerkraut. Though much of K2 survives pasturization.

When we changed our food stream in the last century, we also lost much of the vitamin K2 sources. Vit K2 is not recognized by RDA so no information is available form that source.

Dr Lin says supplementing with vitamin K2 is a must, not an option for bone and teeth health. It is the controller that puts calcium where it belongs.

We now know that vitamin K2 plays a role in forming and strengthening bones by activating osteocalcin, which helps carry calcium into bones. 38 We also know the K2 activates Matrix GLA Protein, which helps remove calcium from arteries to prevent artery hardening.39 .......

K2 also prevents the calcium deposition responsible for kidney stones 41 and is considered a crucial marker in the progression of kidney disease. 42 Studies are showing its role in preventing the formation of gallstones 43 and in protecting men from prostate cancer.44.......

So the next time you see calculus build up on your teeth, you might consider how this may be happening in the vessels throughout your body.

When animals consume K1, which is found not only in grass but in green leafy vegetables, their digestive system converts it to K2. There are two types of vitamin K2, the animal- derived MK-4 and the bacteria -derived MK-7. Good sources of K2 ( MK-4 form) include organ meats, eggs from pastured-raised chickens, butter from pasture-fed cows, shell fish and emu oil.

K2 ( MK-7 form) can also be created by the fermentation of bacteria, so foods like Japanese natto ( a fermented soybean) , sauerkraut and cheeses like Gouda and brie are also good sources.

He also goes into great detail on how all the components work together:
Vitamin D is the cement ( calcium) delivery truck.
Vitamin A is the scaffolding and the workers.
Oseocalcin and MGP protein are like quality controls . They make sure the cement gets to the right building project and doesn't clog up the water, electrical, and other moving systems.
Vitamin K2, turns the cement mixer on and activates the concrete.
Without K2, the workers just drop wet, unset concrete on to the building walls ( bone). It falls off and clumps where it shouldn't.
If this goes on, there's eventually unset concrete everywhere on the building site and in the plumbing and the generator ( or in our case, our arteries and organs), where it clogs up and shuts the system down.

I changed TWO major things: use baking soda to brush my teeth and take 2 capsules of K2 daily.

( And, I pay more attention to supporting my body's pH. Foods like cereal grains and sodas rob the bones of calcium to make buffers that stabilize the pH of the fluids like blood; and baking soda helps with that buffering. ALSO, The baking soda changes the pH of the mouth so that a better microflora is prevalent, and prevents tooth decay; I don't worry so much about getting enough calcium as getting the other building blocks like potassium, magnesium and phosphorus to balance the ( usually) excessive intake of calcium.)

In my experience doctors are very poorly educated about nutrition. I am fortunate that that has been my main area of study. In cattle and horses, we worry about the Ca:P ratios in the total diet. A 2:1 ratio is ideal. NEVER heard a pediatrician or any specialist EVER mention this. THey always ask about calcium intake. ALWAYS.

Sorry for the long post-- hope it helps clarify why K2 is vital. And worth taking a pill.
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