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Ken, I looked at the VCS website yesterday and noticed the doctor names you mentioned were all cardiologists. My scans are done by Radiologists, but I had no idea the advantages or disadvantages of the two different set-ups and decided to not muddy the waters. It is possible VCS has on-site radiology technicians and the Board certified Radiologist who creates the report is with an outside group on contract. Or possible in that long list of VCS doctors as an employee, but you need the radiologist name, to get beyond the LDL focus of latest visit.

For my annual mammogram and one time CAC, I use Radiology Centers. The final reports are signed by MDs who have advanced training in radiology and are certified by the American Board of Radiology. They sit in darkened offices, as they spend much of their day reviewing and signing off the techs work, looking at digital scans on large monitors, rarely seeing the patient. Diagnostic patients, cancer survivors like me, have more scans done, and we do sit get to be that darkened office going over the specks on the monitor.
Would there be an advantage of speaking with a Radiologist who has a speciality in Cardiology or a Cardiologist who sees more actual patients? No idea...but doing both seems to yield more information...something that is a "a good thing"
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