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Hi Anshim!!

You should come to the party next Saturday! It is an Atkins party for everyone, there's about 12 people coming to Jillian's, very close to you! The invite is a few threads down on the page. Feel free to bring your family or a friend! Congratulations on starting a wonderful way of life!

I got Diet Rite at Kroger's, but if you have a Rice Epicurean, wow, they have Diet RC w/splenda and it is outstanding... but to answer your question about the flavors, unfortunately no. The flavors can be found at Brookshire Bros., but those stores are in the country. I know of no major chain here in Houston that sells the flavors, but you can always call the Dr. Pepper plant in Plano (they are the ones that make it) and ask where they are in H-town.

If you enjoy Root Beer, you can find Diet Root 66 made w/Splenda also at Kroger and Randall's, and possibly Rice. Not sure. It is the best diet root beer I have ever had!

I can eat at almost ANY restaurant in town--you just have to know what you are getting. I've even gotten to know the folks at Escalante's so well that DH and I bring our own low-carb tortillas to the restaurant with us--no kidding. So, we have their wonderful fajitas in our tortillas. They warm them for us and everything! They are great! I am over in Memorial near Town and Country. DH's and my favorite restaurant is Taste of Texas! OH YEAH! *giggle* Good stuff there!

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask...!

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