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We've already got the jalapeno egg cups, but I'd bring atomic buffalo turds. Pardon my crappy picture. The image on the site was too big to hotlink.

Notes on ABTs:
- You don't need a smoker. I just bake them at 325 until the bacon is cooked.
- There are lots of variations on what you can put in them: I'm not a chorizo fan. I use Johnsonville cheddar sausages sliced into thin strips. Some recipes call for little smokies.
- They're good cold, and they reheat nicely as long as you don't overcook the bacon. They're a labour of love; do them the day before.

My in-law side of the family has their Christmas get-together on the Sunday after Christmas, because there are 10 ( ) siblings and their families. We rent a hall and it's potluck. We usually pick a theme but this year, it's just "bring your best dish." A bunch of my BILs told me that I have to do the ABTs every year now. Heh heh.
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