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Can you just keep your food apart as much as possible, maybe get your own fridge and opaque containers/wrappers? If they're just curious and not digging too much, why not just keep your own space for your food in a way that's comfortable for you.

It could be tricky managing the situation, but you can just get very centered on why you're there for your own reasons and progress in life. How important is it to you to save money, is this a support now more than a hindrance. And if so just get clear on how you need to live the way you want and not get enmeshed with them. (Also work on a Plan B in case you feel it's important for your health and psyche to find our own place.)

Renting is so challenging now in many areas, and so many are dealing with job uncertainties, that cutting back on expenses might be a high priority. I know people of all ages who have moved in with relatives who never thought they would and are trying to make it work. So gather your strength (and keep your sense of humor, love the Greek Wedding reference) and don't let them affect how you want to eat and live, even if you're sharing living quarters.

I'm always so impressed by the posters on here who are able to stay on plan and still cook off-plan foods for other family members, that takes a lot of strength and commitment!
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