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Hm. Yes, I hate that question. And I have recovered from BED.

I'm trying to put myself in your position. You have two big "projects" - emotional and physical healing from BED, and establishing your new normal in a place where your parents may have a different vision of what normal should be. And they might be slow on the uptake that you are different from what they envision, or they might never really see you. bummer huh.

Good food at the right times will give you strength and resilience on the BED side. At least it did for me.

As to establishing a new normal under pressure from parents. What worked for me was disengaging from the old ways, and quietly going on with my new ways. But I hate direct confrontation, maybe you are different.

For example, they ask what you are eating, and you answer. What if instead of answering, you said, "why do you ask". and then if they say something, ask why they said THAT.
You never have to say what you're eating and why, and you get them talking about themselves. This can be really fun I found.

At least if you acknowledge you have two big projects you can be easy on yourself if one or both of them don't go so well at times. Overall it will be good when you persist.
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