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Originally Posted by Kristine
That's rough.

Do they realize that you're in recovery from BED, or have you kept that to yourself? Do they take it seriously or brush it off?

I know that if I were in your shoes, I'd be outta there ASAP, but that's my parents, my mom's own screwed up relationship with food, and my higher-than-normal (I guess) need for privacy. And now that I've been spoiled by having complete control over my kitchen, I'd have a hard time dealing with high-carb eaters, especially if I had a history of BED.

I also know I'd rather have my mental health and daily quality of life to be very good, and not staying in a situation where I was unhappy just because of fear of the future. So I guess it depends on how it affects you from day to day. Do you dread going home sometimes, or dread leaving your room? No one should feel like that. Home should be your sanctuary, even if it's a tiny little apartment. And you should enjoy your time with your parents as an adult, not feeling like there's constantly tension and it feeds your anxiety.

Best of luck, keep us posted.

Well the high-carb eaters thing is actually one thing that isn't a worry for me because my dad is also low carb.

However, them knowing about my history with BED...I've kind of told them, but they don't really take it seriously, and, I think, certainly don't understand how much of an impact an emotionally dysfunctional relationship with food is, and that, yes, being asked a simple question IS triggering!
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