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FairLife was the first major brand of Ultra-Filtered Milk, that filters out all the lactose so it is almost sugar-free and low carb too. It comes in the usual array of fat %, a creamer, yogurts and now a protein drink. Popular, so Trader Joe's now has their own branded version, and other brands are doing the same.

Rob, any protein powder you like is OK. Whey is more popular if focus is on protein than any plant versions, but they all mix in well. The amino acids are supposedly more complete, but I have not ventured into "branched chain" etc. differences.
Ted recommended CelluCor in his video on "processed food".

I still use some IsoPure which is very low carb and comes in smaller bags than the "Bro-sized tubs" and it has a banana flavor.
Liked that when I thought I would never be able to eat a banana again. Optimum Nutrition is convenient because it is in Costco and Target in chocolate or vanilla. I think Target and Amazon have the smaller bags of it so you can try different brands and flavors to find one you like.

Bett's video was very practical..she has been doing DDF with us, so she sees the questions that come up from members who are trying to up protein, move it forward in the day, and follow Ted's recommendations. Same when she interviewed Marty, she had already started a DDF program and asked the questions many had.
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