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Thank you for bringing this thread forward.
I am a recovering alcoholic. I learned I was an alcoholic in 1985 and began going to AA meetings. Only problem was - cookies and donuts were always available. Alcoholics know the problem is sugar so substitute high sugar foods for alcohol. I binged on sugary foods, congratulating myself that I was controlling my drinking.
But I was feeding my addiction to sugar.

So I went to Overeaters Anonymous where I heard everyone complain about falling off the wagon. Problem was, we were all eating the "healthy" diet of high carb, low fat.Weight Watchers and nutritionists groups all were based on the same "health diet." I continued to gain.

It wasn't until I read Protein Power in 2006, that I became convinced that high sugar carbs were my enemy. And I went low carb. Lost 80 pounds.

Problem is, I have never lost my obsession for sugar. Foods that are not obviously sugar based remain an issue. I can abstain from high sugar content foods most of the time, but I do fall off the wagon. I can abstain from moderate high sugar foods (the grains) most of the time, but I do fall off the wagon with the fatal "just this once won't hurt me."

A desire for a certain taste calls me until I give in and eat it - then it doesn't taste the same as I remembered - so I don't eat it again - until the next time.

When food calls me, I look for acceptable low-carb, low-grain substitutes. Pork rinds are too dry. Nuts put on weight in the amounts I eat them. Pickles and cheese are not satisfying nor are cheese filled celery sticks. Nor is broth. Since I don't have acceptable substitutes, the obsession just gets bigger and bigger until I fall off the wagon and have croissants or corn on the cob. Then it's over till the next time.

Yes, I am an addict that is in control most of the time. But not always. I am too inconsistent to be in control all the time.

Thank you for reviving this thread. It means a lot to me. And thank you for letting me share my experience with my addictions (although I didn't mention giving up my 3 pack a day smoking habit in 1977. The hardest thing I ever did. Much harder than giving up beer).

The difference between addiction to smoking, alcohol and high sugar content foods, is that giving up smoking and drinking is a one-time decision - an either or. High carb foods must be given up at every meal or snack. Much harder.
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