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I don't know if it is still available, but about 15 years ago Safeway sold single-use A1c test kits from Bayer (which later became the A1cNow brand) for $20.

I buy the 20-pak kits online. You can get them from a number of places for under $200 (<$10/test) and if you keep them in a fridge they last a long time -- well past the expiration date, in fact. They also offer 10-pak and 4-pak kits. The 4-pak kits are typically $72 (~$18/test). They are super easy to use.

I've also found that they are quite tolerant of abuse. My current kits are nearly a year past their expiration date (I was really bad for quite a while and didn't test monthly like I want to). I had put one pack of supplies in my pocket to warm up and they got too warm. So after preparing the blood sample and inserting the cartridge it errored out. So I got another pack and an hour later used both. One came in at 6.8% and the other came in at 7.2%. The lab results that were drawn a few days later came in at 6.9%.
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