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I've struggled with SAD since I was a teenager. It's much better for me now, but it takes vigilance. I second the vitamin D recommendation, and I also use a therapeutic sun lamp. Mine is a HappyLight by Verilux and I've been very satisfied with it - I got it in 2008, I think? I only had to replace a bulb last winter.

Another strategy I employ is to try to stay compliant with my other depression management supplements: magnesium and fish oil.

When the cold gets to me - and we live in a chilly, drafty home - I love a cup of tea, coffee or hot cocoa with some coconut oil in it. Moreso than just the hot beverage, the coconut oil gives me a bit of a "hot flash". Not everyone gets this effect. If you don't like the flavour, there is refined coconut oil that is tasteless and still works.

I hear you on the winter trip. In past years, I traveled to Florida several times in February and the moist air and sun did wonders for me. Even just the anticipation of the trip gave me a much-needed mental boost.
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