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Still curling at 10-pounds. I think it will be a year or two before I can graduate to 15. Maybe I should use free weights for that since the machine only comes in 5 pound increments. Although, I really should remember to give credit to the fact that I am increasing reps.

I decided yesterday I really didn't have to do EVERY machine in the gym. Not that I am, but I was doing about 8-9 every time I went and it takes a looong time. So I'm doing abs, legs, and picking a couple of arm/chest machines.

Also did the armpit machine again. Decided I need to go a little easier on that one because it targets something in me that is very weak.

Had a hard time sleeping last night. Last two times I went to exercise, I couldn't fall asleep that night. Cortisol? Also, I trudged up/down the stairs like a cripple yesterday. Hip was really bugging me, but I feel pretty good today.
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