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Default 10-pound curler

Okay, this is my gym log. It is named thus because I can only eek out a measly 10-pounds with my poor weak biceps. Someday I hope to come back to this thread and say, "Ha, ha, I remember those days!" as I kiss my guns and strike a pose.

As a bit of background. I'm 56 years old, have some back arthritis and spinal degeneration. Everything has really been going downhill lately, so I joined this wonderful Kroc Center in San Diego and I'm fighting back.

I'm doing 2-3 lifting sessions a week and I'm hitting about 8-10 different machines. Not doing free weights because I have no clue. My goal is to do 3x reps of 12 each. I can do that with the legs, but the arms have a looong ways to go.

I've been doing this for 2 months now and here are some of the positive changes I have noted:

1) I'm actually less hungry. I suspect having more muscle mass is improving my insulin sensitivity.

2) I can unload the dishwasher without my back feeling fatigued immediately.

3) Sometimes I can actually run up the stairs at home. Not fast, but not so bad.

4) There are times when my stiff, sore body (from arthritis) feels much better.

5) My leg fatigue is better.

So, about those bicep curls. I started with 10 pounds because that's the lowest setting on the stupid machine. I think I could do one rep at the time. Now I'm up to 3 reps on my right arm. My left arm pooped out after 2.

I found a new machine the last time I went, one that made the muscles around my armpits sore. Could only eek out 2 reps and I probably really should have stopped after one.

Anyway, I think mid next month I will start adding more weight and going for 10x reps. A three-month easy period should be enough to get me ready for that, no?

Anyone out there have advice for an aging woman just trying to claw her way back from the precipice?
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