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Interesting, I think I do OK with coconut also. In fact, when I was so sick with so much pain and weakness, I would put coconut oil in my coffee, it was like it was calling me when I was trying to figure out what was making me sick and then later I read that in fact it does have healing properties.

All of those "other" grains you mention are an issue, I have to be so careful not to consume any of them. I totally think soy is toxic. When it first came out in the 70s it was talked about by by friend who's college major was to be a dietician.
All I remember from what she told me at that time was her telling me it was a new way to feed protein to millions but she then said it was controversial because of some toxic factor which I can't remember the details of but fast forward 35 years and here we are, it's everywhere, in everything, including dog food to artificially raise the protein content.

Are you making or buying the coconut wraps?
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