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Default Paleo wraps: recent research and a review!

This is the summer of sandwiches again. Not omelettes or salads, but an envelope of something to put my ketogenic sandwich stuff in which I normally make being off all forms of fake bread, too.

This low carb wrap is 4 net carbs and made entirely of coconut.

I love coconut. And it loves me.

And yes, we can all make sandwiches with big lettuce leaves. But when you are clumsy like me, a wrapper for that mess is more reliable. And delicious! Honest!

I am doubly pleased because there are a lot of contenders for low carb gluten free wraps, but ALL the others had something objectionable to my admittedly-at-the-strict-stage inflammation healing diet. Things like "other" grains, ancient grains, tapioca flour, rice flour, SOY in all its forms, etc.

So I went with the coconut. Which also soothes DH's concerns about fiber. This does not upset my stomach the way high fiber vegetables do. So I'm okay with that part, even though I no longer care about fiber and try to avoid it.

Check all the ingredients. Be careful out there.
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