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Scottjan: No apology needed. As with everything else, you have to pick and choose whose journals you follow, and it's easy to discover which members are really working on low carbing in a realistic way.

Marilynuuu: Many of us in this thread have journals. Just click on the word "journal" at the end of each post, and you will be led to that member's journal.

There's no need to be wordy in your own journal, and you can make up any schedule you like for how often you post to it. Sorry, there is no spell check (I hate that part, too), but you can always write your post somewhere else (I use my email), spell check there, and then cut and paste into the journal. What I find most helpful about it is the support one gets from others once they get to know you a bit. I also think it keeps me honest.....if I don't stick to the diet, I wouldn't feel comfortable posting in my journal, and I REALLY, REALLY don't want to lose the journal!

WARNING: Journalling on this forum is highly addictive!!

Good luck,
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