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Smile Trace is good

Originally posted by collegeguy
ahhhhhh, my Ketogenic level is down to "Trace". This sucks, I feel so disappointed. I am drinking so much water and I worked out for an hour and a half an hour ago. Hopefully that burned off all the carbs. I HATE CARBS. I'll check in the morning and see if my extra efforts this evening helped.

If you've been drinking lots of water, that will be part of the reason why the reading is trace. Dark purple means you are dehydrated, so drink up the water every day.

Water will help with the halitosis that accompanies ketosis. Check out this recent thread for more info.

Of course, I'm making an assumption a young college guy won't want to have bad breath .

Please don't hate all carbs. You need your veggies; and of course eggs, bacon, cheese and a lot of other good LC food has some carbs. Your (and our) biggest battle will be hidden carbs. You can ask to have salisbury steak (or anything for that matter)with no sauce, or sauce on the side. Then you have better control over what you eat.

Good luck
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