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This gets two thumbs up.

I ordered it with pepperoni and extra cheese, and they put the extra on the top, I guess. Pizza Pizza has always been notoriously stingy with the cheese.

The pizza is small, but very filling, unlike the carby rice-based gluten-free crusts that leave me feeling like crap from being a sugar bomb. I had 4/6 slices when I should have stopped at 3. This means I can stretch it out to two meals, which is always a plus for me when considering restaurant food.

The flavour of the crust is fine, not fantastic, but that's the price you pay to eat LC and gluten-free. It's basically what I've tried to do with coconut flour all this time and couldn't get it right. It's very thin and it looks like it overcooks easily, and I can see that PP makes sure they put the sauce and toppings right to the edge to avoid the burning. I didn't try reheating the leftovers; I just ate them cold, but they held up very well.

Overall, awesome product, and I'm so happy Pizza Pizza is catering to us and not just riding the vegan wave.
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