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Greetings to Kildare from London. If the curve is downward, despite naff scales, you are doing OK. I hope that, like me, it's not just about the numbers, but the baggier clothes,the energy and throwing away the painkillers. I try and make sure that carby nonsense is not to hand, that is to say, I avoid bringing the stuff into the house to begin with, I can't eat what I ain't got. Believe me, it will diminish, to the point where its not a case of 'can't have' but 'don't wan't'. Carbs are addictive, you are the recent smoker who just wants a couple of puffs to shut off the cravings, but like cigarettes, you may have to ignore it at first, but it gets easier as the body adjusts, although, sadly, there is as yet no such thing as a 'carb patch' to get you over the craving hump. Good luck !
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