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Originally Posted by Benay
I envision not being able to stand for any length of time to prepare a meal. Shakes take preparation from cupboard and fridge to blender and wash and put away. All while standing and using a walker. I doubt I would be able to tolerate a shake diet for one month. I make shakes for myself now so I am familiar with the movements I use to create them. This is why I look for frozen dinners--remove from freezer, pop in microwave, put food on table next to microwave, eat. I have been trying to find a tray that will fit on my 3 walkers so that I can transport foods, but so far have been unsuccessful.

Thanks for the thought.

Yea thats fair enough - although UI was thinking a powdered shake that is then put ina shaker you can shake it up yourself while sitting/laying down but liek you said , just living on those wont be easy ( or a good idea)
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