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Plan: my own ~ fasting.
Stats: 178/134/110 Female 4ft.11
Progress: 65%

I use Teal salts too.
I also found a turmeric tea at wal mart and it is good also.
I have even looked at making my own Turmeric tea with just boiling water and added Turmeric.They have sites on that too.
I think I will milk one also.
It is hard Izzy and not and easy road to stay with.
But the last 5.5 years of me finaaly geting were Im at now is a wonderful thing. And I like eating the way I have .
Now that said I still have slips. You and Liza are younger and that will help u even more.
2lbs a month is a good number to do. That way u will not get burned out. and You will have days and months that it will not move {Other then up or hold.
We have to just keep track and as long as we feel better. and test at Drs. saids doing better. I guesse that is the big key.
Get books look on sites about health. Talk to Drs. about changing and if there is foods u can eat that will help the body and cell heal.
Read and keep moving. and when u feel {Like me u hit a Wall come here or call a friend
You can do this and u are.
Keep useing Turmeric. It helps at least I think.
Make healthy Smoothies too.
That is what help me when I started.
and I need to get that back.
so many recipes out there and sites.
Some times it takes 2 diet plans in one to kick in.
Liza{When she gets back are there.
If we can get just 5lbs off By Jan. then that will be less for us to reset for another year.
But I must say this year has been slow, hold or 47lbs gains.
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