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Janet- what is a detox bath? My next blood work is in February, last blood work was good except I was low in Vitamin D. I went last week to get other blood work but that was for my rheumatologist.

My son has a wheat and corn allergy. We also noticed that him and I are intolerant to most gluten items but not allergic. We are not 100% gluten free, but do our best to limit as much as possible to avoid side effects. However, my rheumatologist wants me to stay away from all sugars, bad carbs, and nightshades to help me with my osteoarthritis and inflammation.

Cassava is also known as Yuca. it is mostly known in latin food and it is a type of root. Most Paleo followers are using it now since it is a good alternative for flour. I believe you can use the same ration as flour. It is very versatile, you can cook it and use it in soups, stews, pretty much the same way you use potatoes. You can also bake it or even fry it. If you are familiar with tapioca, this is extracted from the cassava.

Do you make or buy your veggie burgers? When I was a child my mom used to make patties out of lentils and to me they always tasted like meat
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