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Plan: my own ~ fasting.
Stats: 178/134/110 Female 4ft.11
Progress: 65%

Still holding on. Today I went to Wal mart and got Hallo
Had soup for lunch and 2 rice cakes.
I Do not eat breakfast
Got my books out on Health and also smoothies.
Not weighing now till the 1st.
If I can lose 2-3 lbs a Month that will be good for me.Also next month or Nov. I will get back and start doing the sauna and steam room. As I find it works for me.
I also Detox in bath{Need to get back into that.
We went to costcos yesterday and had our A1C checked.{Mine is and always is 4.7
Next month going to Dr. and have blood work done and also check up.
It is so good that u are getting your boys on road to healthier eating. It will help them stay with good eating down the road as they age.
Is there a reason you are doing Gluten free?
I read that if you do not have problem with it. you should not?
Just wondering.Also do u take vitamins? I do.
You are doing really good. Stay on track.
Keep talking.
Lisa must be at the Biggest loosers health site. Lucky her.
Can not wait till she gets back and gives us Tips.
What is Cassava? I use Almond flour.{For Husband.
As I don't do breading on stuff for me.
Going to make me a salad with added cheese and a egg.
No meat Unless I have a veggie burger.
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