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Default Discouraged

My A1C was 8.2 when I got the call from my doctor that I had diabetes. I was scheduled for a physical in five weeks, so she told me we would talk then and in the meantime to make the diet and exercise lifestyle changes. Saw her the other day and I proudly told her in that time period, I had had no sugar, no potatoes (except for one stinkin' tater tot on Mother's Day), no pasta, and maybe three hamburger buns. I had also been exercising. Next day found out my A1C was 8.5. Now she wants me to go on Metformin and I really don't want to do that. I test every day and the highest it has run is 20 points over. Is that a lot? I have heard that Metformin can cause diarrhea. Is that true? And what do you all think? Should I give in or tell the doctor I want more time?

Not taking it scares me as I have relatives with diabetes and I have seen what it has done to them.

Being really new to all this, I am finding out I am just scratching the surface on knowledge.
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