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My name is Carol and I'm a carbo/chocoholic!

This is double the trouble! I have been trying to slide into this thing. I've been off a little too long. Now when I eat the chocolate, I try to balance it with a little protein. LOL

I've started back on my suppliments--been off them for almost 3 weeks. So here is what I'm taking:
1 Centrum Silver, 3 calcium, 2 GLA, 3/4 tsp natural sea salt, HRT, and a thyroid pill.

I've also cooked my own cranberries and made a sugar free cranberry juice (ugh) and have that diluted in water with some SF orange Metamucil first thing in the morning. I figure I'll start at the top of the day and work my way down until New Years when I hope to be in full swing.

Wendye, I am impressed with your menu. You go girl!
That eye candy that you posted may be a little too sweet. I agree, he's a hunk, but what's with the towel? Oh, that's right--I'm an old lady and shouldn't be thinking that way.

Good luck to all

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