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Thanks for starting this with such a positive outlook. I want to join you, but I'm very, very weak. So I must ease into this. I won't be setting such stringent goals--I must start one day at a time.

Not only am I a carboholic, I am a chocoholic and believe me, I think that chocolate has a direct line to the brain and the hips. It makes me feel so good, but it makes me look so bad.

I started yesterday and didn't do too badly until evening, when I got out the chocolate. By New Years, it will either be all gone or it will be tucked safely in the freezer in the cellar where I would have to fight the mice for it!

My one goal is to weigh less--I can't promise how much less--I only lost a total of 5 lbs this year and I really tried for about 7 months. But even 5 lbs a year is better than none. By the time I am 90 I can lose 150 lbs. LOL

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