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Hi again,

Do you have a "proper" first name, Ragbus? I don't need to know your whole name, but a proper first name would be nice to use.

Anyway, I can understand if you have a wariness of supplements after reading what you say about your mother, but magnesium is still a good one!

What age are you now? If you say you got down to 57kg in 1972, how old were you then? It was a very low weight for that height, though, if you ask me. And, your metabolism then is NOT what it is now, so what worked for your body forty years ago might not work for the same body which is now forty years older and not in the same condition.

I wonder if the medications you are taking are partly to blame for your problems, to be honest. I would be more worried about taking 12 different medications and all the possible "Gegenwirkungen" (contra-indications?) than taking a few supplements.

Do you have Hashimoto's or just "regular" hypothyroidism?

Oh, and by the way, I teach English here, too! Are you on Facebook or LinkedIn as well?

Take care and talk to you again soon,

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