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Originally Posted by teaser
One think Bill links to there is a post he did on a study comparing an Atkin's style diet to the more moderate-carb Zone diet, the study was authored by Barry Sears, where low carb didn't result in greater weight loss. One problem in this that he does mention is that both diets were calorie-restricted, in many low carb studies, there is no calorie limit given, but very often people will end up eating less calories anyways.

Personally, I did the "moderate" Zone diet, following the Zone Blocks put me around 1400 calories. What's the problem? I did have a decrease in appetite while losing weight. But eventually I was at goal. How is that a problem?

Maybe moderate carbs worked if calories were restricted. Lowering calories does decrease insulin after all. But then I reach goal, increase the calories to keep from losing more weight (because 1400 calories doesn't cut it for me). Once I'm eating more, insulin is going to go up. Even if I went off Zone ratios at that point, added in more fat rather than carbs or protein to fill in the gap, insulin would go up. And the appetite suppression would go away.

For a decade or so on mostly Atkins-style low carb, my setpoint seemed to be 170 pounds. The last few years, more consciously pursuing ketosis, it seems to be 160 pounds--which might not sound like much, but in that previous decade, it was a real struggle to hold it down at 160 for very long.

And this comment in bold gets to the crux of the matter. It's possible to lose weight using varied approaches of LCHF or LFHC and sometimes anything along that continuum as long as one restricts calories along the higher carb end. The question is whether this is something that's sustainable for a WOE that becomes a WOL. I, too, have found it far easier to be in ketosis the majority of the time and be able to follow an enjoyable WOE without having to be conscious of making an adjustment due to being in a temporary calorie-reduced state. I may eat fewer calories by being LCHFKD, but it's not forced or voluntary, it just happens. When someone can maintain a healthy WOE for years, not months, then we're on to something.
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