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Originally Posted by teaser

Jimmy Moore interviewed this fellow recently after he wrote this blogpost on losing weight. Pretty low-carb friendly. This bit leaps out at me;

The study itself is behind a paywall, but the abstract describes positive results from an intervention involving a 10-11 hour feeding window.

Thanks teaser! I can really relate to the article and I think fasting helps me discover some aspects of this for myself...

"My message is this: your weight is in large measure about your psychology"

Spending some time, while not eating, with these thoughts/impulses - things appearing to arise without being summoned and disappearing on their own accord - has been helpful in illuminating them for what they are.

I also like his lazy approach. It matches mine. There is no struggle. Grip anything to tightly and you'll either get tired or it will slip thru your fingers. However, it's very easy to like something you tend to agree with

I realize that I may be in the minority with this opinion but this has been my experience with many things, not just trying to control the intake of food or the weight of my body.
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