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This article is going a bit off-topic from fasting but since it discusses insulin resistance and sensitivity, I wonder what the folks on this thread think of Chris Gardner follow-on research to his earlier studies LF vs LC. The study results indicate there wasn't much difference, but Bill Lagokos sees something else, that also relates back to Woo's criticism of JM/Fung...he is really NOT insulin resistant but very insulin sensitive now. Net down, Bill thinks that after losing on LC, to finish consider switching to HCLF.
(many graphs/charts, couldn't really copy)

Are there a million other factors involved here? YES. Insulin sensitivity is only one of íem, but a pretty good starting point.

Theoretical scenario: a sedentary, obese insulin resistant patient starts off on LC and is initially successful. They start exercising and focusing on sleep quality, insulin sensitivity improves (ie, new #context)... but weight loss stalls in many of these people. Maybe at this point they would benefit more by switching the focus from strict LC to monitoring other things, like calorie or fat intake (ie, to match the new #context) Ė> progress resumes.

Donít be tied down to one approach; different #contexts require different approaches, and both can change over time.

Thatís all, for now.
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