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Morning Jeep

Miss my hubby today. Weight is going back up...UGH. Daughter is coming over every night and bringing junk food over. Last night was Dominos pizza. It's hard to resist the barrage of food every night! I love the company, but I do know better than to eat at night.

Anyways, not sure what to eat today. I'm afraid Kitchen is closed and mouth is closed at 4pm today!!! Going grocery shopping today and picking up more fruits and veggies. Had sausage biscuits and gravy yesterday for RM. Then I had pizza at night....BAD GIRL>

Sounds like you have a nice place to go to as well. You have a camp ground to get back to nature. It is so nice to get away isn't it? Unplug and unwind. I can feel my blood pressure coming down as soon as I get there. I love being on the lake, next to water and nature. So relaxing and beautiful. Hubby sends me a picture of the sunset every day, but it doesn't do it justice.

TTY soon
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