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Originally Posted by Benay
Love the description of your birds BlueVelvet!

Thank you Benay - they're absolute darlings! Being able to feed the birds is one of life's great little experiences. We have a huge crew of corvids who visit us every day, starlings, pied wagtails, collared doves, a couple of magpies (corvids technically, but they look a lot different to the crows/jays/jackdaws/blackbirds that we get around here) and an adorable little flock of hedge-sparrows who are absolutely tiny, yet just so perfectly formed they make me gasp in happiness every time I see them. I also have a mummy, daddy & baby seagull who live across the way and they get lots of left-overs and cat-food. Every year they have a baby that inevitably falls out of the nest and slides down to the roof gully beneath, so we make sure that it gets food and water (we throw ice over so it can get to it) to survive. Because we've been doing it the past three years, they've pretty much decided to make us a part of their family.

We probably spend about 40 a week on food for the birds and just seeing them come visit, or hearing all their different chirps and outbursts, makes it worth the outlay alone. I also love that as word gets out (because weirdly enough they do "talk" to each other - crows especially!) more turn up to get fed. If the food bill increases, so be it. Just knowing that so many little birds will get to eat well, have offspring that grow up big and strong, and it'll make things so much easier for them during the snow and frost of winter, brings me and my other half much joy.

It's also adorable too that all the different types of birds come to feed together. Because they're living in a time of plenty, not scarcity, they don't have to fight or squabble over every crumb. So I'll often see a tiny hedge-sparrow, a starling and a huge crow all standing in a line, eating together. Anyone can feed the birds. It doesn't cost as much as we fork out. A 1kg bag of seed costs 1.20 and most birds will be grateful of that. I'm forever telling people to feed them. It's very rewarding and you're actually doing nature a favour. I'm like those religious folk who you see in the street who want to talk to you about god. Stand next to me for too long at the bus-stop and I'll be asking you if you've ever considered bringing the joy of bird-feeding into your life, lol.
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