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Originally Posted by s93uv3h
I've tried a few on Amazon:

Bhu Keto Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars

IQ BAR Chocolate Lovers Variety Pack

They were good. More flavors that ^ those two. Just got delivery of a box of BlueVelvet's Ketone bars to try. I'm in the middle of a TRE so reviews will have to wait.


Ooh...I shall have to investigate those other ones out further! Also, I shall await your review of the Ketone Bars, before putting in an order myself. My other half bought me a box of PhD Smart Salted Fudge Brownie Bars from Holland and Barrett a few days ago. They're currently on offer at 12 for a box of 12, until tomorrow; then they go back up to 22 a box (Also available in singles, 1 each until tomorrow, then 2.49 for a 64g bar). I've had one that I split in half and ate each half on Saturday and Sunday morning when I took some meds and they definitely haven't pulled me out of ketosis. They taste like Thornton's Caramel Fudge, with a slightly boozy flavour in there (like a boozy vanilla extract in there) and I'd definitely buy them again at full price.

My other half is quite surprised at how I can just open a bar of 'chocolate' eat some and just put it to one side for another time. He knows just how much of a chocolate monster I have been in the past. Now I have all his snack stuff lying around the house, not bothering me and half-eaten chocolate protein bars, just sitting right next to me, not even eliciting the slightest urge to scoff like I would normally. I'm equally as surprised, but I'm liking the way I feel far freer with regards to snacking. I don't feel like a woman possessed around chocolate anymore and long may that continue!
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