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Originally Posted by Benay
When I searched for Ketone Bars without adding Julian Bakery, they showed up. They have received 4 stars and are available for $40/box. An expensive experiment

Yes!! That's them! I found a couple of brands which claim to have been created with the purpose of not raising blood sugar levels/stimulating insulin and not pulling the consumer out of ketosis. The other ones are here: Keto Keto Bars - Cherry Bakewell (On Amazon)

Money isn't an issue, if they're mildly unpleasant but still serve a purpose I can live with it. I just hate the idea of actually wasting things that are either far too disgusting for me to consider eating, or that other people may have had some bad experiences with. Real food leftovers are always put out for the birds, but chocolate is toxic to them and I doubt they'd be much impressed if they found chunks of unwanted protein bars out there with their seeds, suet pellets, mealworms, peanuts, sultanas and rice crispies of a morning. They'd probably do what they normally do when dissatisfied with their bounty - kick over the water bowl and sit across from my window, seething like the spoilt brats they are, until I replenish it all to their satisfaction, lol.
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