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Originally Posted by bluesinger
I haven't tried that brand, but I experimented with ketone bars. I got mine from Julian Bakery Amazon. They were very expensive and tasted so bad that I threw them away.

I've been using one brand of high protein snack bars for 25 years. I keep them on hand for road trips and other times when i have limited food access.

Ha ha...well that sounds utterly disappointing, lol. I'm always able to give a bit of leeway with regards the taste of something, if it's serving another purpose. Some days I can't get up and walk around a lot. The smell of food cooking nauseates me, but I need to make sure I put something in my stomach with some of my medications. I'm happy to eat the blandest, cardboard tasting protein bar our there, if it's convenient, won't pull me out of ketosis and helps me keep my meds down. I don't even care about the cost if they serve their purpose.

That probably sounds really weird to some people, but I have to make my WOE work around my lifestyle and the way I'm going to be eating for the rest of my life. A normal, acceptable, convenient, doable WOE for me is always going to mean treating my food intake like a fuel for the most part. Sure I enjoy a lot of things, a lot of the time, but if I could go through the majority of my life, not even having to cook another mean, existing on supplements and the occasional bit of real food, I'd actually be far happier.

And at the end of the day, this whole malarkey is all so that my overall health will improve, by having less weight on my frame, so if my appetite can be reigned in enough to not overeat, well I'm happy to just get whatever food in me I can to keep everything ticking over.

Except of course for chocolate cake. There will always be a part of me that craves gooey, frosted chocolate cake, for no other reason than it is awesome and I am human after all.
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